Basic Steel and Gold, a Love Story

  • Instructor: Bette Barnett
  • Friday - Sunday, three days, 9:30 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $570

Steel is an amazing metal -- strong, lightweight and malleable. One of the most exciting characteristics of steel is that gold “loves” it. Gold has an uncanny affinity for steel. Marrying the two results in dramatic mixed metals jewelry that responds to today’s modern aesthetic for work that is bold and earthy yet maintains a richness and allure. In this workshop students learn how to fuse gold to steel to create dramatic mixed metals jewelry. The workshop covers a broad range of techniques for creating high-impact steel and gold jewelry:

•Working with mild, cold rolled steel including sourcing, cutting, soldering, forming, texturing, patinating and sealing. Materials and supplies required to work with steel.

•Cleaning and prepping steel for fusing and Keum Boo.

•Alloying various karats and colors of gold in preparation for fusing, a skill that can be broadly applied to other metals.

•Heat fusing gold to steel sheet and iron wire. Managing the fusing process. Trouble shooting.

•Keum Boo on steel. Using the torch to apply gold foil to steel.

•Texturing steel. Hammer and roller patterning steel to add interest to fused pieces.

•Patinating and sealing steel jewelry.

•Hands-on work. Students will be able to complete at least two finished pieces of steel/gold jewelry.

  • Advanced Beginner, should be comfortable using a torch
Materials Included:
  • Material KITS Include:
    -Fine silver and copper for use in creating gold alloys.
    -Two sheets of mild steel 12” x 6” (20g and 22g). Scraps will also be available.
    -1 oz samples of the appropriate flux, pickle and wax for steel.
    -Small container for gold pallions.
    -1” x .5”rectangle of gold foil for Keum Boo. (Silver foil and additional gold foil will be available for purchase.)
    -Tracing paper for gold foil.
    -Brass brush for cleaning steel.
    -Small abrasive pads for adding “tooth” to the steel surface.
    -Nitrile gloves.
    -Course presentation materials and source sheet for materials and supplies.
Students Must Bring:
  • -Students will be required to bring at least two pennyweight (dwt) of 24k gold casting grains (available from Rio Grande and other suppliers)
    -For all workshops students will be asked to bring any hand tools they might need to prepare jewelry in class. A detailed list of student tools and supplies will be provided before each workshop