Just Hot Enough: Mixed Metal Surfaces

  • Instructor: Keith Lewis
  • August 14 – 16, 2020
  • Friday - Sunday, Three days, 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $490

This class is full. Please email dana@danacadesign.com to be added to the waitlist. This class was originally scheduled for June 12-14.

  • Beginning Series or equivalent required, intermediate advanced
Materials Included:
  • -Copper and brass to make samples
    -Soldering supplies
Students Must Bring:
  • -Some things from the list below!
Students May Bring:
  • -Cash or check payable to instructor if you wish to purchase: Extra-thick copper, Nu-gold, gold/silver bimetal and Frip’s Flux in spray bottles
    -Any thick (12G +) copper, Sterling, Nu-gold (Dix-gold/Jeweler’s Bronze/rich low brass) sheet that you have. (Metalliferous sells it as “rich low brass” in both 12 & 8G)
    -18 and/or 22K Gold/silver bimetal sheet (some will be available for purchase) or you can buy a few square inches from Hauser-Miller. The workshop is about making a little go a long way!
    -“Interesting” scraps from your scrap bin. All non-ferrous metals, including sterling- including both wire and sheet. Cut outs and cool small shapes are the best.
    -Any silver or gold granules that you might have lying around.
    -Filings (lemel) of silver, gold or other nonferrous metals. These must be CLEAN of all steel filings or sawblade shards. Use a magnet to extract ALL steel!
    -Any metal stamps, dies or chasing tools that you have that might make a good repeated pattern
    -Copper or brass mesh or window screen. MUST NOT be steel or aluminum!!!!
    -Small brass hardware parts (nails, screws, washers). Again, these MUST NOT be plated steel.
    -Roll-printing materials such as: 3 x 5 cards, manila folders, construction paper, tulle, nylon screen, cloth scraps, cheesecloth, tamale wrappers (hojas de maiz), lace, etc.
    Remember; nothing that is harder than the rolling-mill roller (such as sandpaper)!!!!! Beware of steel wires along the edge of ribbons!!!
    -Rio Rubber PSA Mandrel https://www.riogrande.com/Product/rubber-mandrel/337234
    -Some PSA sanding disks (220, 320 grit are best. No need for finer)