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Wax Working for Jewelers

  • Instructor: Jennifer Stenhouse
  • April 10 – May 29, 2019
  • 6 Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm - 9:30pm (no class May 15 and 22)
  • Class Fee: $360
  • In Progress

This class is already in session.

The ancient technique of lost wax casting is widely used today for mass producing jewelry and jewelry components but it is also used to create unique one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. In this comprehensive workshop, you will learn the fundamentals and some useful tricks for designing and creating wax models for casting. Students will be introduced to the casting process and explore a variety wax types and techniques in order understand how to prepare ideal waxes for casting. Projects will include pendants, rings, and charms. The finished waxes will be sent out to a professional casting house and returned the final week for finishing. *Students enrolled in multiple week classes are eligible and encouraged to work outside of class on class projects during Practice Hours.  No experience necessary; returning students are welcome.

Basic materials included.

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Beginning Jewelry Series: Rings

  • Instructor: Dana Cassara
  • April 27 – 28, 2019
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $295

This class is FULL. Please email or call if you'd like to be added to the waitlist, dana@danacadesign.com or 206-524-0916. This Beginning Series Workshop focuses on the basic construction of fabricated rings with and without stones.  Each student will construct a simple, textured band ring as well as a ring with a bezel-set stone. In the process of designing and constructing these rings, students gain new soldering skills and become familiar with the three-dimensional possibilities and challenges of working with heavier gaged metal. Leaving with a couple of rings is a bonus. No experience necessary. Basic materials included

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Engraving On and Off the Block

  • Instructor: Bill Dawson
  • May 4 – 5, 2019
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-5:00
  • Class Fee: $295

This class is FULL. Please email or call if you'd like to be added to the waitlist, dana@danacadesign.com or 206-524-0916.

Mastering the fine craft of engraving is a lifetime endeavor, but like most arts the basics can be learned in a fairly short time, thereafter repetition and careful practice increase skill. However a lot of embellishment can be done with relatively little engraving experience and engraving can add a great deal of interest to your designs. Understanding how to use a graver can also help with stone setting and tricky solder joints. In this workshop students will begin with the basics, tool setup and layout, then explore hand engraving, wriggle cut, and hammer driven engraving. A variety of methods for holding the work and schemes for pattern transfer will be covered. Lettering, gunmetal engraving, and inlay work will not. Each student will take home a basic set of gravers fitted to their own hands and a whole new range of options for decorating their designs. No experience necessary but some familiarity with tool sharpening is helpful as we will be doing a lot of that!
$60 Materials fee payable to instructor, cash or check

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Precious Metal Clay Weekend

  • Instructor: Suzette O’Dell
  • May 18 – 19, 2019
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 – 5:00
  • Class Fee: $260

Discover the limitless potential of Precious Metal Clay; a marvelous material that is worked just like clay yet when fired results in finished, pure silver, jewelry. In this comprehensive weekend workshop students will have the opportunity to construct and fire multiple pieces of their own design and explore a full range of technical projects including rings and stone setting. Students will not only get a taste of this seemingly magical material but will build the confidence necessary to work independently and master it. Just imagine the possibilities! No experience necessary, returning students welcome. Material Kit Fee: $65 payable to instructor cash or check.

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Polymer Clay Seven Bead Sampler

  • Instructor: Cynthia Toops
  • May 25 – 26, 2019
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $295

There are incredible possibilities available to a jewelry artist using polymer clay.  Cynthia Toops' mastery will inspire you to explore and transform this mundane material while focusing on seven unusual polymer beads. In this comprehensive, intensive weekend, students will investigate various bead shapes, explore hollow and foil cores, surface decoration with simple and complex canes, as well as carving, drawing, onlay, and mosaic work. Time permitting, students will have the opportunity to work independently to pursue a particular area of interest with guidance from the instructor. Students will work with a restricted pallet in order to give focused attention to technique and construct either a bracelet or necklace. No experience necessary; returning students are encouraged. Materials Included.

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Kiln Fire Enameling Basics I

  • Instructor: Michelle Zeidman
  • May 30 – June 6, 2019
  • Two Thursday Nights, 6:00 - 9:30
  • Class Fee: $145

Have you been curious about enameling, the timeless and vibrant beauty of colored glass and metal? Get a taste for it in this workshop spanning two weekday evenings. Students will work with a kiln for optimum control over their desired results and be introduced to proper application of opaque enamels onto flat and domed sheet metal by both sifting and wet-laying. They will have the opportunity to experiment with stencils and sgraffito to create exciting patterns or designs and explore controlled firing or, alternatively, allow for the interaction of enamels and the kiln to surprise and delight. Finished pieces can be completed with simple findings or incorporated into your current metal work with settings construct afterward. No experience necessary.
Basic materials included

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Silver Reticulation

  • Instructor: Juan Reyes
  • June 2, 2019
  • Sunday, 10:30-4:30
  • Class Fee: $125

First developed in Russia by Czarist jewelers such as Fabergé, reticulated silver will add exciting and unique 3-dimensional texture to your work. The process begins with a particular alloy of silver. Then by carefully preparing the surface of the metal and heating it with a focused yet delicate torch, this specialized technique reveals a mysterious lunar-like landscape within every piece of silver. Students will be introduced to alloying and casting an ingot of silver, preparing the silver to reticulate, and the heating process to develop the desired texture. No experience necessary although basic metalworking skills are helpful. $25 Materials fee payable to instructor, cash or check

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Enameling Oddities

Enamel brooch by Keith Lewis
  • Instructor: Keith Lewis
  • June 8 – 10, 2019
  • Saturday - Monday | 3 weekdays | 10:00-5:00
  • Class Fee: $490

This workshop will feature a number of somewhat unusual enameling techniques that are straightforward and simple to use, but which significantly expand the expressive potential of enameling and which are easily adaptable to many purposes.   We will begin with a brief overview of basic conventional Limoges (painted) enamel techniques including drawing directly onto enamel, the use of watercolor enamels, the preparation of enamel paints from raw oxides, and the use of lusters, etc. After that we will explore the following:  
  1. The firing of graphite drawings into enamel- which offers the possibility of producing highly detailed and delicate images. Demos will include prepping the enamel for receiving the pencil marks, the use of blending, shading and graphite washes, the building-up of layers and over-glazing and the combination with Limoges techniques- especially watercolor washes. While it is possible to fire the drawings in a kiln, I will focus on a straightforward method of torch-firing that maximizes the clarity of the images.
  1. The second technique (pioneered by jeweler Joan Parcher), will utilize reflective glass beads (used on airport runways) to create unexpected optical effects. Demos will include the use of various sized beads, compatible enamel undercoats and the complex optical interactions that can be created.
  1. The third technique- virtually unknown in contemporary enamel circles and only described in one 1911 book- utilizes synthetic aventurine (goldstone) to produce enamels which sparkle due to the inclusion of copper or cobalt crystals into the enamel matrix.
  1. The final technique will be the application- on enamel- of extremely delicate sgrafitto drawings in gold leaf- a technique derived from late Roman glass portrait rondels and adapted for use on vitreous enamels. Demos will focus on the crucial aspects of surface preparation and precise firing conditions that are necessary to achieve the effect.
Some materials included.

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Stirred, Not Shaken – Sterling Bar Spoons

Sterling spoons, Bill Dawson
  • Instructor: Dana Cassara
  • June 15, 2019
  • Saturday, 10:30 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $180

Stir your next cocktail with a one-of-a-kind sterling silver bar spoon. This one day class will introduce you to the basics of forging a simple spoon, some hot silver work and soldering set ups for tricky joints. We will explore a variety of options to customize the spoon terminal including sterling pierce work, forged forms, a hollow form or a basic bezel setting. I hate to say it, but what an excellent holiday gift idea and a great way to spice up the party! Basic metal working skill required. Basic materials included.

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Faceted Stone Setting, Theory and Applications: Round Stones

Ring by Kirk Lang
  • Instructor: Kirk Lang
  • June 22 – 23, 2019
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Class Fee: $295

Setting faceted stones doesn’t have to be a daunting task. No…really! As long as you understand the unique characteristics of the gemstone you are working with, there is nothing to be intimidated by.  This intermediate level stone-setting workshop will teach you how to set round faceted gemstones safely, securely and with confidence.  Three settings will be covered in detail including prong, flush, and heavy-walled bezel setting.  In addition, you will also learn the theory behind stone-setting, gemstone characteristics, how to make setting tools and how to design with beautiful gems in mind. Practice rings will be provided or you may choose to create your own piece of jewelry, incorporating the aforementioned setting styles.
Beginning Series or equivalent experience required.
$95 Materials Fee Payable to Instructor, cash or check

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Beginning Jewelry Series: Introduction

necklace, student, jewelry, class, silver, sterling
  • Instructor: Dana Cassara
  • June 29 – 30, 2019
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
  • Class Fee: $295

This Beginning Series Workshop is an ideal introduction to the fundamental aspects of silversmithing.  Explore jewelry design while learning all the valuable basics: to saw, file, texture, form, and solder nonferrous metals like copper, brass, and silver. Students will develop a good understanding of soldering and setting stones into bezels and will complete two pieces of jewelry. Get a taste for working in metal while gaining the foundation necessary to pursue the art of silversmithing. No experience necessary. Basic materials included.

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Jewelry Summer Camp for Kids 8-12

  • Instructor: Tegan Wallace
  • July 8 – 12, 2019
  • 5 weekdays, 9:00 - 2:00
  • Class Fee: $300

Looking for a great activity for your 3rd – 6th grader this summer?  Check out the Danaca Design jewelry camp! This week-long camp teaches cool jewelry-making techniques such as bead making and stringing, wire working, texturing, stamping, and riveting metal! In addition, we will explore the fundamentals of composition and color theory while learning to use a variety of basic hand tools.  Using polymer clay, Shrinky Dinks, seed beads, and copper and brass wire and sheet metal, we will create a variety of jewelry pieces students can wear proudly. After all, nothing is quite as fun as saying, “I made this!” Rings and bracelets and brooches, oh my! Come have fun with us for a week in July! No experience necessary, returning students welcome.
This class is taught by Tegan Wallace, who has been teaching jewelry making at the elementary and middle school level for several years.
Materials included.

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Working with Gold-Filled Basics

This 1-day weekend workshop will focus on an introduction to essential jewelry and metalsmithing techniques, tools, and design used to create jewelry using gold-filled wire. Students will learn by practicing the techniques demonstrated, by using wire to construct pieces that can be used for all kinds of jewelry & wearable art. The focus will be on the essentials of soldering, forming and construction of gold-filled wire as well as the proper use of tools and equipment, studio safety, metals, tube stone setting, design, and finishing techniques specific for gold-fill. Project demos will include making gold-fill rings, making flux paste for gold & gold-fill, and using small tube settings.  

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Jewelry & Metalsmithing Summer Camp for Kids 13+

Brass bangle bracelets
  • Instructor: Tegan Wallace
  • July 29 – August 2, 2019
  • Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 2:00
  • Class Fee: $325

Looking for a great activity for your teen this summer?  Check out the Danaca Design Jewelry & Metalsmithing Camp! This week-long camp teaches fundamental jewelry-making and metalsmithing techniques such as sawing, forming, forging, stamping, riveting, and basic soldering while learning to use a variety of basic hand tools. In addition, we will explore the fundamentals of composition and color theory while exploring a variety of media including polymer clay and powder coat. Using copper and brass wire and sheet metal, as well as a variety of other materials, we will create jewelry pieces students can wear proudly. Projects include stacking rings, bangle bracelets, earrings and pendants. No experience necessary, returning students welcome. This class is taught by Tegan Wallace, who has been teaching jewelry making at the elementary and middle school level since 2009. Basic materials included.

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The Alchemist’s Workshop

Gold rings with faceted stones, Jim Dailing, The Alchemist’s Workshop, ALCH
  • Instructor: Jim Dailing
  • August 23 – 25, 2019
  • three days Friday-Sunday
  • Class Fee: $490

This workshop focuses on the marvels and splendor of gold, a material long treasured among jewelers and patrons alike. Starting with pure gold you will learn to alloy multiple karats and colors of yellow gold, melt and pour ingots and mill your newly alloyed gold to create sheet, bezel material and wire. Having the gold you want when you need it will free you from the constraints of what you have on hand and save you money in the long-run. Additionally you will learn fusing and soldering for each type of gold created and to fabricate a simple band with a structural tapered tube bezel for a faceted gemstone that you will learn to set if time permits. This is an intermediate to advance level workshop. Students must have basic metal working skills to attend.
$30 Materials Kit Fee Payable to Instructor
Intermediate class, Basic metal working skills required

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Designs in Woven Metal

Brooch, woven metal, Jeanie Pratt
  • Instructor: Jeanie Pratt
  • September 20 – 22, 2019
  • Friday - Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $490

In this workshop you will learn how to weave small sheets of metal from flattened wire to incorporate in your jewelry. You will be introduced to a variety of different patterns that can be achieved with weave structures that range from a simple over under plain weave to beautiful flowing undulating designs. There are so many fun ways to achieve different effects in weaving, including the weave pattern itself, combining different metals for contrast in the weave pattern and varying the widths of the wire used in the weave structure. Students will be encouraged to create a variety of samples. You will learn how to form your samples in the hydraulic press as well as to solder their edges. Kits will be provided with the materials to get started, as well as instructions on how to prepare the materials yourself. How to design your own weave patterns with graph paper will be introduced as well as a wealth of resources to inspire you. There will be discussions and samples on how to set and utilize your ‘woven sheet’ in brooches, pendants, beads, and earrings. Basic metalsmithing skills are required. $60 Materials Fee Payable to Instructor

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