Jewelry Gallery

The store-front gallery showcases independent artists (professional and amateur) representing a mix of contemporary and traditional jewelry, all high-quality and handmade. Check out the online gallery below. Clients can also work with Danaca’s artists to design custom jewelry pieces especially for themselves or a loved one. The gallery hosts several gallery events and special exhibitions throughout the year featuring new work and the opportunity to mingle with the artists and studio instructors. Student participation is encouraged in many of the shows. See the Events Page for current details. To receive notification of these fun events via e-mail add your name to our mailing list. Note: Our mailing list is never shared with any third parties. Gallery Hours Extended Holiday Hours! Monday – Friday | 11 – 7 pm Saturday | 10 – 7 pm Sunday | 12 – 5 pm

Allan Thorne

Allan Thorne got his start making jewelry when a friend showed him how to solder. Years later he began taking jewelry making classes at the Los Angeles County Museum. Shortly thereafter he created a jewelry studio in his living room, providing a creative outlet to cope with the stress of life in Los Angeles. In 1992, he took up residence in Seattle and went on to work out of the Danaca Design Metal Crafting Center & Gallery, where he presently teaches enameling and makes jewelry.

April Ottey

April Ottey April Ottey is an artist living in the Northwest.  Her studio is a stones throw from the Columbia River where she creates contemporary jewelry inspired by the natural world.    Her close up inspection of various stages of birth, growth, death and decay in forests, rivers and beaches has shaped who she is as an artist.  She casts, fabricates and incorporates the textures and intricate shapes found in nature to create contemporary jewelry that places nature into a new context. April has taken several classes at Danaca Design to further her metalsmithing skills.  

Barbara Magana-Perez

La Objeteria jewelry is the work of Barbara Magana, a Seattle area based Mexican jewelry designer, passionate about the small details of everyday life. Since she was a little girl, she has spent countless hours circling objects, trying to figure out their essence and their reason for existing. Eventually she found in jewelry a combination of everything that appealed to her: love of design, the intricacy of the little details, artistry and the chance to impress passion upon an inanimate object. Her favorite themes include contemporary culture hints, nature and beauty in the everyday. Her pieces are feminine, playful with clean shapes, designed to make you smile.

Carolina Andersson

Originally from Sweden, Carolina Andersson has studied jewelry making in Italy and here in Seattle. Her work is created from sterling silver (often oxidized) and keum-boo, a Korean technique for fusing very thing layer of gold to silver. Of making jewelry by hand, Carolina says, “Doing every step of the process by hand gives me a sense of connection with the places and the people that have practiced this art and handed down their techniques through time.”

Christopher Gerber

Christopher Gerber is a Wisconsin native, and received his BFA in Metalsmithing/Jewelry from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. He has worked and showed in the US and the UK, and currently resides in Seattle as a practicing goldsmith/jeweler. First exposed as a child to the wild spaces of Wisconsin, Christopher Gerber currently traverses the Pacific Northwest, dissecting and interpreting the wilderness and backcountry of the region through traditional metalsmithing techniques. Daunting peaks and gargantuan vistas are scaled and broken down into comprehensible pieces, allowing manageable interpretation. As a practicing goldsmith and bench jeweler, and through his involvement teaching in the local alpine climbing community, Gerber explores formal techniques from both worlds to help him achieve a better understanding of the space he lives in.

Clara Schmitt

Growing up in Paris, my mother took my sister and me to museums and exhibitions on Wednesday afternoons. We especially loved going to the Musée de la Mode and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs to explore their costume sections. We were inspired and we usually spent the rest of the afternoon dreaming, drawing, and designing extraordinary outfits and jewelry. My designs for Maison Daviel still seek to achieve that bold elegance that fired my imagination as a little girl! I started my professional life as a social scientist. When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I discovered a rich tradition of jewelry craftsmanship in the region and decided to follow my dream to live fully with my creativity. The practice of creating jewelry allows me to explore several aspects of my personality. I nourish my aesthetic obsession by sculpting space and volumes while honoring my scientific interest in body adornment and its effect on the mindset.  If a piece of jewelry can give a woman strength and confidence, then I want my work to empower as many women as possible! My creativity is driven by my curiosity. I enjoy exploring all kinds of techniques, from traditional jewelry fabrication to wax carving to 3D modelling and so on. Each new collection, each new piece of jewelry, is a wild new adventure! It’s a piece of my story and I hope that it will soon inspire yours!

Dana Cassara

There is so much possibility in the craft of jewelry making. As jewelers we are not limited to a single material or even functionality, simply we make objects for the body. The limitlessness of jewelry has kept me entertained since 1992 when I fell in love with metal. Nowadays I enjoy exploring a variety of materials, still metal is very much at the core. I was raised in the Pacific Northwest and am endlessly inspired by the vibrant beauty around me. Sometimes playful, sometimes sentimental, I ultimately aim for my work to be comfortable, elegant and evocative of the more subtle pleasures of life. My work is designed for the wearer and constructed to be worn and loved over time. I have called Seattle my home since 1990, am actively involved in the Seattle Metals Guild, and I am the founder and sole proprietor of Danaca Design Studio.

Erika Laureano

Erika Laureano was born into art, encouraged by her mother, a painter, who took her galleries and openings. She studied Fashion Design at Virginia Commonwealth University and worked in the fashion industry for 15 years. Now living near Seattle, she finds that the bold colors of high fashion and the subtle textures in nature inform her current jewelry line.

Jane Drucker

Jane Drucker is a Seattle interior designer who began making jewelry 14 years ago as a hands-on expression of her creative aesthetic. Her pieces reflect her architectural inclination, her attraction to contrasting elements, and simplicity of design. “Whether I am designing a kitchen, furnishing a living room or creating a piece of jewelry, I delight in the simplest way of expressing my ideas. And I thoroughly enjoy doing it.”

Jane Pellicciotto

I make small wonders for wise, creative, adventurous souls. Feeling a late-in-life pull to create a personal body of work, I embraced jewelry design and metalsmithing as a sideline to my graphic design career. My work can be described as industrial, elegant and rustic. This marriage of contrasting qualities reflects the pursuit of harmony that persists inside all of us. My jewelry is my own answer to that struggle, which ultimately is not about seeking balance, but about embracing uncertainties and opposites. I like that jewelry requires a participant. It encourages me to create work that feels alive and relatable, with its small imperfections and uneven forms. And metal, while malleable, is also stubborn and challenging. This forces me to let go, embrace process and even relish mistakes. My painting and collage practice spurs jewelry ideas, and vice versa. And sometimes they even make their way into a piece of jewelry. For inspiration, I look to the synchronicity of forms, lines and textures that appear over and over across nature and through the built environment.

Jennifer Forland

Jennifer Forland was born in Astoria, Oregon and grew up in Poulsbo, Washington. She has been making art for pretty much as long as she remembers - drawing, printmaking, pottery and photography at North Kitsap High School followed by a minor in photography at WWU in Bellingham. She got her start with metal crafting at North Seattle Community College when she took a class from Dana Cassara and began incorporating metal work into her repertoire. She has exhibited at craft shows around the region, been featured in the West Seattle Art Walk, and is currently working on a fabric project for Center Studio in White Center that will be exhibited in May, 2013. She is inspired by whimsy, nature and human relationships - all which show up in her varied works.

Jennifer Stenhouse

Jennifer Stenhouse currently makes her home and studio in Seattle, Washington. She has been teaching art and jewelry classes, workshops, lectured and exhibited throughout U.S. and Mexico for over 20 years. Jennifer attended the University of New Mexico, where she received her BFA in printmaking 1989. During this time she began making elaborate small scale sculptural mixed media work. Due to the intimate scale of these pieces, she employed the use of small tools and techniques, refocusing her studies in the environment of the jewelry studio. She attended University of Wisconsin Madison in 1989, she began studying Metals and Jewelry, where she completed her MFA in Fine Arts in 1992. Jennifer began teaching at Savannah College of Art and Design in 1992, in Foundations and Jewelry classes as elective, which lead to her proposal and the development of a new Metals and Jewelry Department. While in Savannah she also maintained a small studio in the Historic City Market. In 1997, Jennifer began teaching jewelry, printmaking and drawing, at the Vermont Art Exchange in North Bennington, Vermont. At VAE she taught several classes and workshops in jewelry, printmaking and drawing. Currently Jennifer teaches jewelry classes and workshops at locations in Seattle, Washington.

Jera Lodge

​My focus is to create pattern based jewelry that has the illusion of volume while staying very light weight. I assemble architecturally inspired shapes with unique connections, resulting in playful, kinetic, and interactive jewelry.  My distinctive approach to material value yields surprising combinations of steel, gold, silver, and spray paint, creating unexpected moments of beauty. Each piece of jewelry is hand formed and finished. Keum-boo gold surfaces are achieved using 24K gold foil that has been bonded to silver sheet, and the color ombré effect is created with a spray-painting process. Further distressing is done by hand, resulting in a unique color application for each piece of jewelry. ​​I received a BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing from Edinboro University in 2012.   Since graduating, I have worked at Peters Valley Craft Center in NJ as a metals studio assistant and at Haystack Mountain School of Craft in Maine as a Summer Staff Assistant.   In 2014-2015 I was selected as a resident artist at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.  The experience of working with such incredible institutions in a way that helped to facilitate individuals' experiences in craft has been integral to my growth as an artist.  Throughout these work experiences I maintained my studio practice creating production and one of a kind jewelry pieces and currently work as a full time studio artist.

Juan Reyes

Juan Reyes was born in Mexico City to a family of jewelers. It wasn’t until many years later however, that he discovered his passion for making jewelry at North Seattle College, where he later taught and was a studio monitor for more than 10 years. Juan has been a professional massage therapist since 2004, and teaches casting, fabrication and other techniques here at Danaca Design. His organic designs are inspired by flora and fauna.

June Cream

June lives and works in seattle as a jeweler, flower lover and dog mama. She spends her weekdays behind the bench making wedding bands and engagement rings for a local company, and every spare second of her free time thinking about and creating her own work. This puzzle brooch is a pleasing distraction for your day, an alternative to your smart phone for those quick idle moments when you need some entertainment.

Kristen Hummel

Kristen has been making jewelry on and off since 2001. She fits in time at her bench when she can, usually with her dog napping at her feet. She’s inspired by delicious looking gemstones, found objects, repetitive patterns, and biology.

Lynn Latta

Lynn Latta throws tiny porcelain forms on a potters wheel then combines the vessels, valves and pods to create wearable small sculptures. Her work stems from experimentation; the cool porcelain, variation in textures, lines, and playful combinations provide for engaging wearable art objects. Growing up the colorful and shifting urban landscape of West Los Angeles, she was exposed early and often to a wide variety of modern art and pop culture. Lynn is currently a studio artist in Portland, Oregon.

Maia Leppo

Maia is a contemporary jewelry artist who seeks to question the idea of improvement.Maia graduated from Tufts University in 2008 with a degree in Biology and Community Health.  After two years in the field of kidney research in Boston, Massachusetts, she quit her job and moved to Gatlinburg, TN to participate in the work-study program at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.  She continued her education at Pocosin Arts in Columbia, NC and opened a gallery there.  She completed her Masters in Fine Art at SUNY New Paltz in 2015 and is now a resident artist at Arrowmont. Her work has been shown internationally at Schmuck in Munich Germany and Galerie Marzee in Nijmegen, Netherlands as well asjuried shows throughout the United States at Dedee Shattuck Gallery in Westport, Ma, The Florida Craftsman Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida and the Maria V. Howard Arts Center at the Imperial Centre in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Mayann Alguire

Mayann Alguire has been a jewelry hobbyist for over 20 years, 15 of which have been taking classes and mentored study sporadically with Danaca Design Studio. She took her 1st metalsmithing class before the studio was open, when Dana was teaching out of her basement, in a house in this very neighborhood! One of many reasons she’s forever fond of this studio. Her jewelry collection, ANNSISTARS, currently reflects themes from ancient cultures/symbology that are geometric, esoteric, ancestral, and feminine energy focused.

Melissa Cameron

Melissa is an Australian-born artist jeweller who lives and works in Seattle, Washington in the USA. She holds a Masters of Fine Art in jewellery and metalsmithing from Monash University and Bachelor of Art with honours in interior architecture from Curtin University. Her works are in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra), the Cheongju City Collection (South Korea) as well as the Arts Centre Melbourne (Australia), and her pieces have featured in the publications Jewel Book, Art Jewellery Today 3 and Lark Books’ 500 Silver Jewelry Designs.

Nancy Hom

Nancy Hom's mother, Sun Lan, always nurtured her daughter's creativity by teaching her the intricacies of sewing, knitting and crocheting. These skills, coupled with her mother's example as a sewing machine operator and freelance jewelry maker encouraged Nancy to pursue her own dreams of becoming a designer. Nancy has enjoyed success as an apparel designer for the past 30 years, and began her own jewelry line under the name Sunlan Designs in 2007. Nancy's pride in her Chinese heritage and desire to honor her beloved mother are the inspiration for each piece in the Sunlan collection.

Nick Pietsch

Nick Pietsch - love for geology, rocks, and minerals drives the passion behind the metalwork to show them off. A Seattle native who grew up in View Ridge and attended Roosevelt Highschool. NpDesigns was established in 1996 but a long hiatus in production took place while Nick worked corporate jobs in outside sales for 17 years. Worked as an apprentice to Todd Reed in 2000 and have started taking classes at Danaca Design in 2017.

Nina Raizel Hartman

I grew up in Seattle, WA and went to college at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI. After graduating in 2014 with a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, I moved back home to pursue a career in jewelry. Since then I have been creating jewelry in my studio, as well as volunteering for the Seattle Metals Guild. I constantly get asked "Why jewelry?" and my best answer is, "I love making things that people love wearing." I love the way jewelry interacts with the body, but also has a life of its own. I love the practicality of jewelry, as well as the limitless expression that accompanies it. The jewelry I make is based on conscious design, craft, and sustainability. I want my work to be beautiful, but more than that I want my jewelry to be a symbol for my environmental and social ethics.

Pesha Nguyen

I fell in love with my craft when I took a metalsmithing/wax class in high school. The years flew by, but jewelry was always on my mind. I spent a large part of my adult life in corporate retail finance for a large company based in Seattle, WA. Constantly surrounded by fashion, I was energized by the high style and art surrounding me, and yearned to be more creative. I ultimately decided to revisit my love for design and craft and began a mentorship program at a local studio. I have been creating and designing ever since!

Rachel DeNys

Rachel De Nys first learned basic silversmith techniques at Chantilly High School in Chantilly, VA, and fell in love with them again through classes at Danaca Design. She is inspired by organic shapes taken from plant life that suggest growth and movement through stationary forms. She also enjoys exploring fonts and words in her jewelry, something she was first taken with as a small child while watching her grandfather typesetting at his printing business.

Sharece Phillips

Sharece Phillips is a Seattle based jeweler who creates bold, contemporary objects that distill play and equilibrium within minimal form. Inspired by nature, architecture and celestial bodies, she aims to portray the tension between vision and reality, floating between illusionary and actual space.

Tegan Wallace

Tegan Wallace has been metalsmithing since she was 15. Since then she has been creating one-of-a-kind and limited-edition jewelry lines combining precious metals with other materials, sold in galleries and at art fairs across the country. Her work juxtaposes smooth precise lines with more freeform organic ones.

Tory Herford

Tory Herford was raised in a rural environment, and spent countless hours observing and interacting with the wonders of nature. Tory’s work involves nature or natural themes, with an emphasis on organic forms and textures. Considering herself more a sculptor than a jeweler, she often works directly from natural or found objects, taking them out of their original context so that they can be experienced in new ways.

Twyla Dill

Twyla, the hands and heart behind Twyla Dill Design. She started making jewelry to bring something different to the market. Her jewelry combines hand fabricated metal with crocheted lace - for an aesthetic you won't find anywhere else. Five years ago, in Istanbul, Turkey, her friend's mom sat her down with an old T-shirt and a crochet hook so small she could hardly see the tip. Over the next hour she learned the basics of lace crochet, called 'oya' in Turkish; a lace traditionally crocheted on the edge of headscarves. She's been making lace ever since. Twyla feels jewelry is the perfect way to share this beautiful art with as many people as possible.

Vicky Zomenou

Meet Vicky Zomenou, the owner of Porpe Artifacts. She started learning metalsmith techniques and art jewelry in Athens around  2006.  She also took free hand painting lessons for 4 years. Vicky originally studied computer science and innovation technology management. In 2014, after 25 years in the corporate world she decided to escape and in September 2016 she created Porpe Artifacts in order to  pursue what she loved most, art jewelry. She lived in England travelled around Europe and now she lives in Seattle, WA. “Art making, for me, is an escape from everyday life, and a safe place to be. When I am into the creative & making process, expressing myself in unique ways, exploring, observing and learning is important. I get a lot of inspiration from nature, symbols and stories. I feel that, most of the times, my work is more sculptural, due to my Greek origins, and I love combining materials such as silk, stones, colors, wood, glass, steel wire with metal, due to my love for contemporary design and urban style.” When she doesn’t seat on her bench, she is having fun with her beautiful family or hikes around the beautiful area of Sammamish & Issaquah. She really loves travelling,  books on self improvement, spirituality, mediation, art therapy and anything that lights her way to a better self!

Yushan Cassie Sun

Yushan Cassie Sun was born in China and came to America at 2012 for BFA from VCU Crafts/Material Studies with a minor in Painting and Printmaking. She is also the recipient of Dean’s International Study Grant and Undergraduate Research grant as the director of Reviving Project: